First Visit

Physical Therapy is a TEAM sport. The clinician spends years developing a base of knowledge to assess and address musculoskeletal limitations. Your part of this team is just as important. Let’s get started!

Initial Evaluation:

  • Budget one hour
  • 1 on 1 with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Review limitations, and perform evaluation of your flexibility, strength, balance, and activity tolerance will be assessed. 
  • Create Goals and a realistic timeline

Plan of Care:

  • Based on evaluation and the patient’s goals and expectation –> INDIVIDUALIZED treatment plan will be created and implemented. 
    • # of visits to address the current issues will be discussed.
    • A home exercise program will be built.
    • Future visits will be scheduled if needed.

Trust the Process:

Physical Therapy is a Team Based approach to recovery and healing. Musculoskeletal and functional limitations may have taken months to years to develop, and full participation by the clinician and the patient is required in order for the journey towards return to activity / sports to begin.

  • Open Communication
  • Follow-through with home exercise program
  • Trust in the process

Each of the items listed above are essential for optional outcomes.

Let’s Do This!

We have been waiting for this opportunity. Can’t wait to receive your call!