Project Run

October’s project focus at Junction City Crossfit is ‘Run’.

Running is an affordable and highly effective training mechanism that can have a great return on investment in terms positive effect on performance. It can also be a “constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement”.

Where have you heard “constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement” before? This is the first page of the Level 1 Training Manual. This is the mantra of all of Crossfit Trainers. Running is an integral part of many training regimens, and Crossfit is NO different. This is why it has appeared as our project this month.

How to get the best bang for your buck:
Along with any new challenge – being educated in the benefits as well as any hurdles that can come up is important!

Here are a few of the common injuries associated with increasing running mileage and some treatments/preventative measure you can take as you ramp up!

Body PartInjurySymptom: Warning SignPreventative Exercise
FootPlantar FasciitisPain in the bottom of foot
A.M. pain – 1st few steps
Tennis Ball Rollout
1st Toe Stretching
Lower LegCalf Muscle Pull
Aching and soreness at the back of the calf
Weakness when pushing up onto the toes
Pain with climbing stairs
Calf Stretching
Lower LegAchilles TendonitisPoint tenderness at the back of the heel
Weakness when pushing up onto the toes
Pain with climbing stairs
Tendon Friction Massage
Calf Stretching
Lower LegShin SplintsNagging pain along the shin boneCalf Stretching
Strengthening of Foot Muscles
KneePatellofemoral PainPain at the front of the knee when sitting, squatting, climbing stairs, or jumpingQuad Stretch
ThighHamstring StrainPain at the back of the thighHamstring Stretch
Active Stretching Pre-Run
ThighITB SyndromePain along the side of the thigh, or at the outside of the kneeITB Stretch
ThighGroin PullPain at the inner thigh area
ButtockPiriformis SyndromePain along the top and side of the buttock, occasional symptoms of tingling or pins/needles down the legFoam Roll Buttock
Pigeon Pose Stretch

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